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I have used Dr Foster for about 20 years. He is very knowledgable and caring. He takes time, after each exam to sit down in his office and go over everything, asking questions and explaining.

Holly w. Avatar
Holly W.

OBGYN Associates of Alabama has a great staff and doctors. Recommend going here for all you OB/GYN needs. You cannot go wrong!

Mary c. Avatar
Mary C.

OBGYN Associates of Alabama has a great staff and doctors. Recommend going here for all you OB/GYN needs. You cannot go wrong!

A g. Avatar
A G.

Dr. Goolsby is the best! She is not only a wonderful Doctor, she is a wonderful, caring person. She has a kind and relaxing demeanor and always makes me feel comfortable. Thanks Dr. Goolsdy!

Annie g. Avatar
Annie G.

Honestly, I’ve never worked for anyone that cared about their patients as much as Dr. John Foster does. I have worked in healthcare for ten years and have never met someone who cared and is as knowledgeable as he is.

Grayson a. Avatar
Grayson A.

First time pregnancy, Dr. Foster was amazing! Grayson Ann helped me through the 9 long months, don’t know what I would’ve done without her. Dr Johnson delivered my precious bundle of joy and I couldn’t have asked for a better delivery.

Jessica yance mostella avatar
Jessica Y.

The nurses and my doctor (Schinnerer) are very professional, kind, and efficient. They helped me through a very difficult situation, and I am grateful for their support and patience.

Rosa mims avatar
Rosa M.

I have used Dr. Benton for more than 5 years and she is awesome, she was amazing through out my entire pregnancy and then post par-tum care, she has always be very honest about anything i may need to do as far as my health is concerned.

Veronica w. Avatar
Veronica W.

If you're sitting there reading a bunch of patient reviews, trying to find a right doctor for you, scared about the news that you need a surgery, know that you are not alone. I used all of the tools at my discretion and asked all my friends to find the right gynecologist for me. Thankfully, I found Dr. Rupa Goolsby! She is a rare gem of a physician. Run (don't walk) to go see her! Due to her exemplary level of expertise, she can offer what others can't. Currently, I am recovering from my surgery faster than expected. No complications at all, average blood loss, no post-surgery bleeding, no infections and I attribute that solely to Dr. Rupa Goolsby’s high level skill and care. Besides being an incredibly competent doctor and expert in her field, Dr. R. Goolsby is an extremely genuine and warm person. Thank you, Dr. R. Goolsby!!

I r. Avatar
i r.

Dr.Goolsby is wonderful absolutely love having her as my Dr.

Jennifer burnham rossmeier avatar
Jennifer B.

I have not mat a more professional and caring staff then this group. I have been seeing my "Doc " Dr John Foster over 20 years. When it come to my health issues , he and his staff is alway there for me. Thank you all for all you do to assure my wellness.

Deborah lawrence avatar
Deborah L.

First off I want express just how much I love my Doctor. !!! Dr. Schinnerer is amazing!. I have switched doctors twice now and when I found her I couldn't be more pleased with her professionalism. This is my first pregnancy and I wanted someone thorough and informative, while OTHER doctors I went to would always say..."well do you have any questions ? " ..and I'm like YEAH I've never had a baby before I have no clue what I'm doing? I'm nervous, I'm scared, what should I expect??!! I need some guidance here!! ???
She definitely has went ABOVE my expectations! She cares about you and what's going on, your not just treated like a herd of cattle knowing you got to get us in and out! She's patient, she doesn't rush you and she guided me with what's steps are next and what to expect along the way. SHES VERY RELATABLE AND KIND !!! St. Vincent's should be honored to have her on their team. I can personally say that I am blessed to of found her !!!! If your looking for Doctor!!! Please don't hesitate to make an appointment with her !! I won't go anywhere else.

Brittany martin avatar
Brittany M.

The most amazing woman/Dr. I have ever had. She treated me like I was her only patient and helped ease my fears of a high risk pregnancy. I delivered a beautiful daughter on my due date with no complications. I love Dr. Goolsby.

Kathy k. Avatar
Kathy K.

Every body treated me so good at the ob-gyn if anything every happen to me again and I get sick I going back it is a wound foul hospital they save my life

Tyesha johnson avatar
Tyesha J.

This is by far the best hospital i have ever jad a baby at and my doctor was amazing...i reccomend them to anyone...the staff is awesome and my l and d nurses were amazing as well and definitely met all of my needs.

Lacey leighanne shoemaker avatar
Lacey L.
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