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10 ways to drink more water

Water is, hands down, the healthiest drink on earth. Most Americans don’t drink enough of it. Instead, we drink artificially flavored drinks and sodas that do our body more harm than good. But, the health benefits of water are widespread. Your body needs adequate amounts of water to detox and ensure healthy digestion. Do you drink enough good old fashioned water? If not, this article’s for you. Here are 10 clever ways to drink more water!

1. Upgrade your water

Ever been for a massage or facial at a day spa and enjoyed water infused with cucumbers, lemons, limes, grapefruit, or even berries? You probably loved the taste as well as the luxurious experience. Why not give your water the spa treatment every day? Some water bottles even have fruit infusers built into them to make it easy. Treat yourself to one of these if you think it will help. You deserve it!

2. Buy a beautiful reusable water bottle

If you have a special bottle on hand to constantly refill throughout the day, you’re naturally going to drink more water. Treat yourself to a reusable bottle that brings you pleasure when you sip from it. Maybe you love drinking from a straw. Get yourself packs of eco-friendly, reusable straws that make drinking fun and playful. If you enjoy your drinking experience, you’re much more apt to drink! So splurge on some water-centric tools to make your water drinking days a true pleasure.

3. Sip warm water like the yogis

During cold, winter months, several glasses of cold water might not entice you. But, there’s a digestive remedy that yogis have been using for centuries — sipping warm water slowly throughout the day. While drinking warm water may sound strange, it’s really quite soothing once you get used to it. It’s also warming and calming. You might find that following the yogi way is the perfect strategy for drinking more water.

4. Get into the habit of drinking 2 glasses upon waking

As soon as you wake up, go to the bathroom and then straight to the kitchen to fill up on water. Drink two glasses of water while your coffee or tea is brewing. This sets the pace for the day and sets you off on the right foot. Plus, your body needs a couple glasses of water upon waking to help get the bowels moving. You probably feel dehydrated anyway, and your taste buds aren’t craving much more than plain water after sleeping through the night. Commit to this new habit and you’ll be drinking more water before you know it!

5. Get hydrated from the foods you eat

In other words, why not eat your water? Certain foods contain mostly water. Cucumbers, lettuce, watermelon, tomatoes, and grapefruit are all brimming with water. Eating a grapefruit with your breakfast, enjoying a salad with tomatoes and cucumbers at lunch, or enjoying watermelon as an afternoon snack or dessert — these are all wonderful and effective ways to stay hydrated.

6. Keep track of water intake

Nowadays, there are smartphone apps for tracking water consumption. If you think keeping track of how many glasses of water you drink each day will help you drink more water, then by all means, download a water tracking app or record your water-drinking adventures in a pretty journal. Keeping track of water consumption raises your awareness around the subject. Simply being aware of how much water you’re drinking each day helps with motivation. Some apps help you set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. Others schedule reminders and even reward you with points for your efforts. Whatever works, right?

7. Watch your alcohol intake

Most of us love wine, beer, or spirits. But, alcohol in all forms is dehydrating in nature. Dehydration is a primary cause of hangover. This is why we alternate water with alcoholic beverages if we want to prevent a massive hangover the following morning. It goes without saying that if you’re a big drinker, you’ll need to become a big water drinker, too. Chances are, you aren’t. How many liquids can the body really handle, right? That said, just keep an eye on your alcohol, just as you do your water.

8. Exercise and sweat

Ever notice how much you crave water after a good, sweaty workout? We all do. When you exercise more, you’re naturally going to drink more water. The more you sweat out toxins, the more your body will naturally want to replace the water lost with more pure, toxin-free water. If you’re not able to do high-intensity workouts that guarantee you sweat, simply take long walks outside. Winter weather is drying in nature, while summer weather causes you to sweat. You’ll feel thirsty after a leisurely stroll outdoors during both seasons.

9. Find a drinking partner

Most Americans are dehydrated these days, so chances are your best friend needs to up his or her water intake, too. Partnering up to meet water drinking goals heightens motivation and accountability. There’s nothing like having a friend to check in with. Inspire each other and you’ll be drinking more water in no time.

10. Reward yourself

Life is tough and we all need to enjoy its simple pleasures. There’s no need to get carried away with strict dietary regimens if you’re not going to have fun in the process. So, think about ways to reward your efforts when you meet your health goals. This will help you stay on track for the long haul. Treat yourself to whatever makes you smile as you progress. This might mean going to the cinema once a month as your goals are met. Perhaps you’ve been wanting to take yoga at an actual studio or indulge in a massage every so often. Do something for yourself — something you wouldn’t normally do. You deserve a treat for your hard work. There’s nothing like a healthy reward to motivate you to drink more water!

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