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Individualized Plans for your SmartFit Medical Weight Loss Journey

SmartFit’s weight-loss program works with each patient to create a personalized plan for success. Whether you have a specific goal in mind that has motivated your weight loss, or you want to lose weight to improve your health, our customized approach is designed to promote proper nutrition and deliver exceptional results.

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How We Create Individualized Plans

Each patient that walks through our doors has a unique set of strengths and challenges. When it comes to weight loss, we know that success is not one-size-fits-all. We consider the following factors when developing each patient’s weight-loss plan:

  • Weight loss goal and expectations
  • Personal weight change history
  • Medical and family history
  • Medical co-factors such as diabetes and hypertension
  • Non-medical co-factors such as stress levels and sleep patterns
  • Blood panel and EKG results

Our doctors consider the results of your initial health assessment paired with your goals to create a practical, effective weight management plan.

Understanding Your Goals for Weight Loss

When you choose to participate in a medical weight loss program, your goals are equally important as your medical history. Our doctors have experience working with various clients who aim to lose weight for ranging reasons. The SmartFit weight loss program supports:

  • 10 to 20 pounds of weight loss for improved body image and shape
  • 20 to 200 pounds or more of weight loss for significant health benefits
  • Diabetic nutrition requirements
  • Postpartum breastfeeding mothers
  • Patients aged 18 and older (with flexible plans for adolescents)
  • Vegetarian dietary choices for vegan, ovo/lacto, and pescatarian patients

Additionally, we understand our patients’ lives are busy, so we have extended hours on select days. We can provide additional service options if you are unable to schedule regular weekly visits. Our mission is always to make your weight loss goals a reality!

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If you’re interested in participating in our SmartFit program, we always start with a free phone consultation. Contact us today to get started achieving your goals!

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We’re honored you have chosen our practice, and we look forward to providing you with comprehensive and compassionate medical care!

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