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Menopausal Management at OB/GYN Associates of Alabama

Today, medical advances have resulted in a wide range of health care choices that can enhance a woman’s quality of life during menopause and the decades after.

Menopause causes varying degrees of emotional, physiological, and psychological changes in the body. By helping you understand menopause and the range of treatment options available, our team at OB/GYN Associates of Alabama can help you make informed health care decisions.

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What is Menopause?

Menopause occurs when a woman no longer experiences menstrual periods. During menopause, the ovaries stop releasing eggs and producing a majority of estrogen. Formally, menopause is diagnosed after 12 consecutive months without a period.

Menopause is very common, with more than three million new cases per year. Unfortunately, menopause can cause many uncomfortable effects on your body, mind, and overall health. Your doctor at OB will work with you to find the best treatments that focus on relieving your symptoms.

Benefits of Menopausal Management

For most women, managing menopause provides immense relief from the symptoms that accompany their menopausal transition. Some benefits of menopausal management include:

  • Symptom Relief
  • Improved Sleep
  • Heightened Sex Drive
  • Higher Quality of Life

Menopausal Management FAQs

The menopausal transition is different for everyone, but common symptoms include mood changes, hot flashes, urinary incontinence, sexual discomfort, sleep problems, and slowed metabolism.

Natural menopause typically happens when a woman is in her early 50s, while perimenopause is a phase that can begin in her early 40s. However, every woman is different–if you believe you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Our doctors at OB understand how complicated and personal menopause is for a woman. By understanding your family history, symptoms, and goals, we will partner with you to help provide relief from the symptoms that disrupt your daily life.

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