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5 ways to fight pregnancy fatigue

The good news is, you’re pregnant! The bad news is, you’re exhausted. For some women, there’s simply no getting around the extreme pregnancy fatigue that comes with carrying a baby to term. If you want to stay as happy and healthy as possible during your pregnancy, you need a handful of tips to fight pregnancy fatigue.

Here are 5 ways you can fight pregnancy fatigue in a natural and healthy way:

Hydrate yourself

Staying properly hydrated is key to supporting a healthy pregnancy. Drinking clean water is essential for keeping bodily fluids at consistently optimal levels. You need to do this because the volume of your blood increases when you’re helping your baby grow. Dehydration only makes matters worse, exacerbating pregnancy fatigue in the process. So, drink at least eight (eight-ounce) glasses of pure water each day — more if you’re exercising and moving your body a lot.

Eat a healthy, whole-foods diet

Now is the time to really upgrade your diet. Eating a whole-foods diet — one that’s full of lean proteins, nuts, seeds, organic fruits and veggies, and other fiber-rich foods — will give you (and your baby) the energy you both need. Eating too many processed carbs (like crackers, breads, and cookies) exacerbates fatigue. So, keep your diet clean during your pregnancy and you’ll feel so much better. And, so will your little one!

Stay active

You don’t have to go crazy exercising, but do stay active. Move your body in ways that give you more energy, rather than drain you. Yoga, hiking, walking, swimming — these are wonderful forms of exercise you can easily modify to suit your needs every day.

Don’t drink too much coffee

You may be tempted to drink a lot of coffee to stay awake, but with time, this form of energy eventually crashes — making you feel worse. Instead of relying on caffeine for energy, try to go to bed a half-hour or hour earlier than usual. When you wake up, get outside in your garden or go for a short walk to get some sun and attune your body’s circadian rhythms to those of nature.

When the fatigue is too much to handle

If you’re experiencing pregnancy fatigue that seems over the top, it might be time to consult with your doctor or OBGYN. One symptom that signals anemia is shortness of breath. If you’re having difficulty breathing, you’ll need to supplement with iron. But, check with your doctor first to make sure this is indeed the problem.

Pregnancy fatigue is one of those challenges you may have to surrender to at times. Your body is supporting another human being, after all, and there’s much that goes into the process. Take naps when you need to and support yourself with self-care techniques that nurture and nourish you. Pregnancy can be a wonderful time with the right outlook and lifestyle choices!

At OB/GYN Associates of Alabama, our goal is to make your pregnancy as healthy and stress free as possible. Our physi­cians provide comprehensive services ranging from basic ultrasound to high-risk obstetrical care for women with diabetes and hypertension. Contact us to schedule an appointment!

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