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Is HRT right for you? 20 questions to ask

Are you curious about hormone replacement therapy? Maybe you’re suffering some of the more extreme symptoms of menopause and desperate to find relief. Hormone replacement therapy, also known as HRT, brings to mind a myriad of questions from women in the throes of menopause. It’s a confusing topic, with acronyms galore — HT (hormone therapy), ERT (estrogen replacement therapy), ET (estrogen therapy), EPT (estrogen plus progesterone), BHRT (bioidentical hormone replacement therapy), and more.

Treatment Options

Then there’s the range of treatment options available. You can wear a hormone patch, use a liquid, cream, or ring. Hormone injections and pills are also popular. Hormone replacement therapies abound, and it’s really confusing to know whether HRT is a viable option for your menopausal journey. The risks associated with HRT are something to consider, although many of them have been misrepresented and overstated. The questions below indicate potential risk factors and can help you determine whether or not HRT is right for you, or if another avenue of treatment might be better.

Questions to Ask Before Treating Menopause With HRT

Let’s take a look at 20 pertinent questions to ask yourself if you’re wondering whether or not to seek treatment for menopause with hormone replacement therapy.

1. Am I under the age of 60?

2. Am I experiencing a noticeable loss of libido?

3. Do I feel pain during intercourse?

4. Has my vaginal region felt extra dry?

5. Am I suffering from hot flashes?

6. Has my sleep become disrupted by night sweats?

7. Have I been increasingly crabby and irritable lately?

8. Am I waking up in the middle of the night only to find it nearly impossible to get back to sleep?

9. Does my family have a history of colon cancer?

10. Does my family have a history of osteoporosis?

Answering yes to the above questions indicate you may be a likely candidate for HRT.

11. Has my memory been declining lately?

12. Have I ever had breast cancer?

13. Have I ever had uterine cancer?

14. Have I ever had any cancer associated with high estrogen?

15. Have I ever had a blood clot in my arms or legs?

16. Have I ever had a blood clot in my lungs?

17. Have I ever had a stroke?

18. Do I have high blood pressure?

19. Do I have diabetes?

20. Have I ever suffered a heart attack?

Answering yes to any of these questions indicates you are likely not a good potential candidate for HRT.

As you can probably see, many factors come into play in deciphering the world of hormone replacement therapy, and whether or not it’s right for you. Women all over the world continue to seek treatment for menopausal symptoms and find relief through HRT — without suffering from harmful side effects. With the right guidance from your doctor or OBGYN, and the proper protocol unique to your body, you too can navigate menopause with more grace through hormone replacement therapy.

At OB/GYN Associates of Alabama, we can help you understand menopause, hormone replacement therapy, and the range of treatment options available. Contact us to request an appointment today.

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